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Disordered notes of a creative team.

Robert Doisneau
40 Amusing Perfectly Timed Photos
(via Artist Uses Dance Movements To Create Stunning …)
It’s so cold that a bubble can freeze in just seconds. 

Happy 100th birthday, Albert Camus! Complement this lovely poster of his best-known tenets by illustrator Marcela Restrepo with the story of Camus’s unlikely and heartening WWII friendship with pioneering biologist Jacques Monod. 

Cat leaping catch- funny tumblr
Il blog di Lovli: Una chiacchierata con Alessandro Zambelli
U-Bahn Patterns - Berlin

Ace Hotel + Martin Greenfield Clothiers from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

"What was the happiest moment of your life?"

“Europe in the summer of 1959.” “What happened there?” “I was nineteen. I’d just lost 100 pounds and had a whole new set of clothes. I toured Paris and Rome and everyone was paying me so much attention. They were even asking for my photograph! Of course inside I still felt like an awkward, overweight girl. It was all so overwhelming and wonderful!” “Why’d you go to Europe?” “To have sex, of course. And I did! I was the first in my whole group of friends. I came home and told everyone that I’d done it with a charming Frenchman. In reality it was some creepy dude from Chicago.”